view. a different view I'm quite through think I'll go outside and run around til I fall down but my feet are bound but I look around me tall shadows whisper what I used to be I know. hear it every day I'd like to run a little further I'll find my way you. a different you directions skewed your skills aren't what they used to be It's not the same (but It's new terrain) but it looks the same when I was a boy getting lost was such a joy I know. hear it everyday I have a compass the map should show my way
A monster used to chase me used to jump from the top of my stairs I used to sit in the rain on the wet leaves On top of the shed roof (if my mother knew) The clock on the wall has a good time with my time The rainstorming brainstorm is on its way The pale color of the door that's seen everything before But just from only one side No warning, history rears it's ugly head (Stepped on it's tale) Still running from what I chase The lesson learned has come so frail The clock has fallen and the cuckoo's calling And the blackbirds congregate and shuffle their wings I'm on the wire and they call me a liar But this time I'm going to sing Big words escapefakerapeescape Just how I feel My textureless history I store in a textured bag (It's painted real fine) Your serious laughing, infectious clapping Still a beat behind Let's get to the root of the matter I have no roots No matter I'll grow my own Quitting's easier time is greasier Slipping from the metranome Big words bad time yeahyeahyaeh
One Day
Weave through the tall grass Jab me. Let me know that I'm still alive Last trip the boy will be taking Everything from here is crazy But I know one day I will live and wonder She will, she'll learn to walk all over again They will gather once again and... Pretend. Did you think that one day it would come to this? Sitting in a stranger's chair, staring at the whitewash-wall Waiting for the inspiration, invitation to leave this place Hoping there's a better space to occupy my fall from grace (chorus) ...hide. Over Hear. Same as it ever was I've never been through this before Tell me I'm wrong and keep me here Am I wrong? I am Wrong... (chorus) Keep me in the tall grass Jab me (the one still sitting in that chair) First trip the boy is still taking Run and hide but pretend your exploring (chorus)
well I was in the house planning my way out hello society welcome me I wore a nametag it said 'hello my name is' do you like me? let's scrape dead birds from the ground let's strip and try to swim the sound let's steal from the lost and found (I've come unwound) and I try well I was in the house planning my infatuation I've got to try, (yeah, I'm the guy) I'd like to like you I just might go off do you like me? we'll rip the wings off of a fly we'll go to church and tell a lie eat candy panties til we die (that's just not right) and I try alone everyday
I write fingers cut same blood as yours can't make it flow but I know a stunted way to grow and I scream and the kettle screams I'm so sick of it and I want to go home(but I'm home) I want to hear you feel it say it like you mean it bad half of each of me hey heard you downstairs I want to catch you in the kitchen kissing and holding hands when walking and the kettle screams I'm so tired of it and I want to go home (but I'm home) and you should breathe it say it like you mean it years together alone life together alone steal truly happy lives please last please try I know they don't last no I lie I want pictures of you crow's feet-joyful to hear you laugh across the house til it's painful then the kettle screams your so tired of it and you want to go home (but your home) you want to hear you feel it say it like you mean it
Skeleton Man Dance
necessary food for the little ones can't create when I'm under these guns feed me lies I'll throw up all over you ties come true don't like what I do skeleton man sit in the corner skeleton man dance that's an order lies come true thin just like you substantial meat to stick to my ribs where's my top hat and bag of tricks I'll perform every stunt that I know familiar ground begins to show skeleton man sit in the corner skeleton man dance that's an order lies come true thin just like you should I dance?
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Paper Thin
My attic is so full of life Why wont they come and play with me? Backyard. Tree Fort. Want to let them in. But they're not my friends Sometimes the ash grey mask will suit me fine The moon is ignored only with the day The sun is prettiest just before it goes away Giants in a small world Forever was just one day Never really dawned on me Such short-lived history Everything I wanted never came All that I'll become is for another day Everything I had never stayed Now the house is so empty Put me in the chest my ventriloquist Sometimes living in want is not so bad Best friend I ever had
Live Like You
It's hard for me to think when I am cold I'm learning what it's like for me to grow old I wish I could live like you sleeping in my shoes with so much left to do go ahead tell me to free my mind It's amazing what you can't do when you don't try I wish I could live like you sleeping in my shoes with so much left to do uproot blow away new shute sun ray don't stay another day
Country Monkee
It's been said keep your head my therapy is a wooden shed gave and inch and you took my yard now the mowing is twice as hard I guess that's o.k. but next time just stay away true I'm selfish they'll not bother me don't know where I keep my favorite tree this is my day here ask when it's not so clear call me when the lines are down I won't be around never took that second look find the trail that leads to the hollow nook double back back on track stack my apples in a weathered sack I'll come across it if it crosses my mind I'll come across it should I try to find keep the pace but end the race no more starch and a lot more space tell me your coming that makes two run and hide away from you never knew your needs required constant I.V. never knew your needs required constant me I'm not your food for thought can barely feed myself what is lost can be regained just look high on the shelf one one at a time and we roll along yeehayipyippy
Winter's Dream
I just dreamed what it's like for me to be dead my icy body sunk in a black lake with the leaves swirling around me the fall can leave such a bad sting in the water my dream ended my life because no stays for the winter all these dreams never really meant that much to me always brings a hand of security my life was spare because it was only a dream suffice to say the water was not as cold as the vision is old God why can't things live when it is freezing? ironic when I'm forced to my cave when It's my favorite season I don't wan't to freeze something's missing
this has nothing to do with you I know where I'm going sunday windmill fish I'll move when the wind moves me I'll make a roadway from the shells (from my shells) I'm shellfish and not ready for you because you're not ready for me I'm not ready for me ever feel that way? maybe the treasusre will be full of people and we'll share our lives one day this has nothing to do with you I'll walk blind if I want to maybe I'll take a trip where all I see is blue and white make a boat of paper and wax just enough to get there (I won't want to return) discovered lots of clues but not the chest not the x still looking for the x this has a lot to do with you here's the note I never wrote preocupation has paid its price but... believe all of this has made me sick as well I'm shellfish I'm in the ocean I can't here you I don't know what I know anymore I'm not ready for me ever feel that way? triangle that consumed us like all those ships at sea what price to be opened? I'm drowning I'm breathing I'm living I'm dying frowning I'm smiling I'm laughing I'm trying shouting I'm screaming I'm happy I'm dreaming my nightmares are leaving It's dark and I'm tired the pain is receding I'm guilty for happy the cloud will not catch me I'm falling again I can't let water in I can't build a boat to return (I guess I got what I asked for) and I'll cry when I'm glad (because it's not what I'm used to) well here's my blue and white (not that different than when I started) I don't know I'm still young we'll make pirate hats and rule the sea I'm shellfish jellyfish point of view I'm in the ocean I can't hear you You've found the x don't ever worry be happy and we'll dream of a day much like today...