Shadows in the Banquet Hall

Wolftrap and Fireflies
Transport me and quarintine This feeling that is seldom scene I'm curious and fevers peaked Delirious with this mystique Soaked in a blanket's warm Ember glow Freer now than I've ever know I dance the fire with a crazy glaze And juxtapose to coin this haze Wolftrap and Fireflies What does it mean? Oh, the image sticks like glue to me Is this to make some sense Some evening Quiet with a candle. Cheat to bring them near Oh, silent, I the hunter, til the answers clear I tried hard to peg this feel The catch proved much too big to reel You blink, you miss and bliss is dead Playing spotlight with my head Pop up unannounced, take aim Snap the traps (and start again) Quill-dip and adjustaprose Snap-shot record what image glows I know their eyes follow me Track my prints, encircle me Taste. Touch. Smell. Sight. Sound Eyes look up, ears to the ground Soaked in a blanket's warm ebb and flow Freer now? I just don't know Slate-gray sky meets musty green Can you smell the mossy world machine? Cunning and and endangered
Attica's Flower Box Window
She broached again and again over the careful morning scones that she adored all too quickly as he cranked up his jaw and turned off his ear. And she reminded they were his favorites and... "Could we please consider for our morning view that flower box window with the three sides of glass? (like in the magazines)." "Consider it I will," he said, "Consider it gone from your head as it is I'm late and not in need of a view. And you will idle your time away like a bird perched at the window sill. So off I go and I'm gonna auction you off if you insist my little gem, my little hen to persist with this mentality." "No more of this!" she said, "Living in the shadow of my other." Sledgehammer, Saw - hacked away at the wall. Giggles, Fear and Dust. She chipped away and punched a hole and the sun winked through with its artist eye as if to say, "Where've you been Attica!? Break the Seal of your conventionality..." Not used to this Awakening in you Stash your dreams up in the cupboard bare You Know your name... She made her way to see that sun and headed out the door with a wide stride to attack it from the other side. She ripped away! She talked aloud, belly laughed, and one by one the bottled spirits came to the curb to see what was goin' on. "Attica, my dear," they said, "have you gone and lost your head?" "Here's a magazine, now go and find me that window frame. And to the nursery with you, we've got alot to do. You can help or get out of my way..." Not used to this Awakening in you Drink your tea in the same way (same time each day) You know your name. And you know who you are... Well the spirit caught like wildfire and she had a crew and between them all her flower box window was installed after all. Fanfare from the kitchen, street bazaar in the yard ("I see you! You see me!") Bottles uncorked. Wildflowers free.
Come Again?
Please break away Afraid you'll fray out on the game to shake change They turn to graze and chase their shadows straight out of town Grab a seat, here's a retreat to reckon with Please raise your glass. Season's come again. At long last, I'm long lost (but it won't last) Minions cast opinions as they crowd outside my getaway Hooray! Toast today! Begin this Social Event of the Century Odd Scenery Around in vain, I'll catch my tail I missed your point, but anyway... Shadows in the banquet hall recall the dance that did them in Shins, oh so thin. Should you not feel a part of anything? Are these not the colorful lives we intended them to be? Freedom painted me. Begin this Social Event of the Century Odd Scenery I'll catch my tail. Conversation failed I missed your point, but anyway Come again? Come again Social epithets fly. Arms dig deep to rake this muck Plague me for the fool. This rendesvous must self-destruct Time to clear! The end is near! Too late, roll in Catastrophe Blame me, it's Chaos Carnival of the Century Odd Scenery I'll catch my tail. Celebration failed Come again. Come again? Water off a duck's back (yet, your still on my lawn)
Over Prudence Hall we fall. Unassuming, quiet all. Peaceful town square. We float in on streams of air. (if you take note don't stop and stare) White steepled church we perch upon the fenceposts, trees, poles wirelines We stay up high Birds eye View Silly Humans, why burn your bridges down? Should you go with the flow? (Drip dry) Quick, kick your feet around Should you never condone flash flood for medicine? Live where you don't belong. Just Cause. Don't judge your weatherman Every year convention here. One by one we come Survey the quality of your damage done Bluejayjackdawloggerheadkingbirdwhipporwillblackbirdblackbilled magpiefinchravenhermitthrushblackcrow CRUSH FLOW FLOODS come from RAIN falls from the SKY drinks back the FLOOD It cycles like the leaves (and so do we) Silly Humans... Concientious Objectors. (but we have no conscience and we won't object... 'cause we're as right as rain) We know it's only human nature is not kind Even birds must take their bath sometimes (too much oil on the wings is a dangerous thing) We're your bitter partisan. Familiar, welcome enemy Devoted couriers. Cleanse and drain. Binge and purge.
Reunion Monticello
Raise your family of ghosts and spirits, Sir, we really need to drink from your wine. And yes, your skeletons in the closets (might I bring a few of mine?). Let's see what we can't see, unlock your books for a change. Glass excavated... bits of china... Mulberry Row scars still remain. Bones are everywhere, aren't they? Our families spring from their graves. Their Sunday Best don't fit them bones the same way and wine is seeping from the barrel staves...again. I'm in your tea room toasting lives unchanged (while music's playing by the garden's edge). Outside rusted joints prove souls asleep can flowers blooms from this vintage? Relative Skeletons nervously shuffle, we glance around community of our own. Quiet valley drips with hints of laughter. Mr. Jefferson, can we slip these bones? And bones are everywhere, aren't they? What do you think they'd see through those trees? "Resurrected Spirits Dancing," you don't say!? (The minstrel's new arrangement of History). We danced and drank the sun! It over flowed and washed the past away. We roamed! Echo! Laughter! Spirits danced a jig around their graves... ...Then came the rain. A garden craves a balance of both (I guess so). From the garden, they're all running from the garden, we're all looking for the garden. So much to maintain. Bones are everywhere aren't they? Ghosty spirits dash right past me. Finding hidden spaces, favored places. Families disperse to there graves. Bones are here to stay aren't they? We cultivate the bones that we're of. Sir, if you caught me drunk on wisdom, would you say I've had enough?
November (Makebelieve)
Board the windows, winterize...recess with my mind I have some in-between time...recess with my mind Quilt of voices, piecemeal scenes...shutters clack Hush. muffle time Painting of a different stream...recess with my mind Jack Frost taps the window sill William Tell atop the hill Dreaming arrows shoot the hay Autumn's color wheel will fade Stones thrown to blown spun glass...recess with my mind Re-invention. Nurture Past...recess with my mind Escape our Independence Day (Battle in decline) Correspondence won't relay...recess with my mind Redcoats raid the Raincoats' space Soul to storm upon each face Clouds with roving eyes set sail Cannon cottonballs of hail Autumn raged the skeleton trees Kings and queens and squires flee Chessboard battlements ablaze Battle photo bleached away Lonely with the company But when November calls me Creation melt my enemies Hibernation. Silencing Makebelieve Memory just short of what it could've been It didn't last, it went away Always knew it would. It's good to leave, it's sad to leave There
Summer Song
Soak the sun Cinnamon What went wrong Summer Song Splinter snag windvein ragged Faded trends Summer ends What's that I thought I heard you say? Lunarscape and cold winds on their way Whistling banshee through the screen Salt air and isolation sting Melon seed-spitting wars Toys lost in the sand Innocence is scorched Summer leaves its brand Bat away a hurricane's eyelash Ushering by the season past Hinting, dapples pinching through my sleeve Intimating that I leave Hurricane remember me Hurricane watch over me From this point we roll along Without a trace of summer song
Blind Session Eye
Run away hindsight You've shown my shrine of Priceless regrets I'll stay. Shame me Naked in my Open House gallery Why do I pull it away from me? Thrown away my eyesight Get away. Embrace me Push away Gouge out me eye Come and play cliché Dance and prance Make fun of me Blind eye tempting Afraid of my fun house Laugh at me How I pull it away from me Thrown away my eyesight Me, I'd like not to see them weep They blind my eye I Spy life passing by Carve a niche Eyes draw, I resist
Message to Me
Where, oh, where is that little child that used to play? Another turning of the page, another churning of the day Are you tired of the same? To much flower dulls the brain (your rhyming's stale again) I was hoping to be wise. Vision is two realeyes I've read a lot of How-To books on how to take action (If you would kindly lift the blanket from my eyes) Appalachian woman is a century plus old Is there something to be said here? Hope you Realize Few and Far between are these rocks to hop So set up shop and get to work No such thing as a living room When you sit around. Streaked a frozen lake just to test testosterone Message to me (did a world of good) Lost eleven pounds to the tracks in Ireland Never bet on the likes of a horse named Robin Hood I would give anything to visit History. Anything to replant History Oh, to dig for parts of me Stem to branch-trunk-seed Caught the theme of just what life's to be The specters speculate With their pounding on my head They're rattling my bed The slumber sucks you in I didn't hear from you And you and you on my birthday Message to me? (I'm quite the same way) Building new boats instead of Raising Titanics What am I trying to say? We swim or die. We sink or burn We try and fail (but try) This message sent to me is that This picture ain't complete Run along, live. Don't sit around
For the Girl
What's best to show? Testline. Treasure trove. Fountain, flood me. Barmaid, this stings me I've spent years for the... What's best to show? Testline. Treasure trove Fountain, faster. Tavern master this brings me here I've spent years for the... Kept in this box is a key to a myth Have you words? I have searched For The Girl "Yeah boy, she said 'Truth has a fair skin' To the docks, gone away, gone away..." What's best to show? Testline. Treasure trove. Fisher, feed me. Wiseman pour into me I've spent years for the... What's best to show? Testline treasure trove Fisher four-seasoned, oh wiseman, The reason this brings me here I've spent years for the... Kept in this box is a sweater cured in salt Have you words? I have warmth For The Girl "Yeah boy, she said 'Hope is a landscape that kills' Ship to sea, gone away, gone away..." Everything Changes. Everything Comes And Goes. What's best to show? Testline treasure trove Whip post. Salt mast. Deep Sea Cross Stained Glass I've spent years for the... What's best? Let go. Cut lose treasure trove God House. Far coast. Preach, Sir, please Far Ghost I've spent years for the... Kept in this box is a key to protect her Have you words? I have shelter For The Girl "Ah! Your the boy whose youth she has wasted, To the world, gone away, gone away..."
It's dusk, y'know? It's a purple sky...cold air...woodsmoke...pinestraw smell I really like you. Can we play tomorrow? I really like you. Can we play tomorrow? But it's dusk, y'know...and I'm goin' home It's dusk, y'know...and I'm goin' home It's a purple sky. And the trees bow for us Chain saw burrs...somewhere...way away I really like you. Can we play tomorrow? I really like you. Can we play tomorrow? But it's dusk, y'know...and I'm goin' home It's dusk, y'know...and I'm goin' home's a purple sky...window light...warm light And I'm goin'...home home home